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Why Are Healthcare Translation Services Vital in the Post-Covid-19 Era?

The current status of the healthcare sector in South Africa in the post-Covid-19 era is dynamic and promising. The country’s private sector provides medical services for a big part of the population, around 20%, and takes the responsibility for about...

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Why Are Marketing Translation Services Vital to Your Digital Marketing Effort?

It’s becoming almost impossible for any company in any industry anywhere across the globe to do business without leveraging digital marketing in a way or another. So, what on earth is digital marketing?! Digital marketing, in short, is a tool that...

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How Has Zoom Interpretation Transformed Videoconferencing?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Let’s admit it. Almost overnight, Zoom has become the world’s most well-known videoconferencing application. From Alaska, the westernmost point on land, to Caroline Island, the easternmost point on land, and from An...

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How is Technology Transforming Localization and Why is it Vital?

Businesses always use the two services of translation and localization to cross their local borders and to reach out to foreign audiences. So, is this commonsensical? “Big yes” is the equivocal answer. Companies are now living in a global marketpl...

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AfroLingo Introduces an Online Portal with 10% Discount for New Clients

Since day one, providing our customers with an optimal experience has always been our primary objective and at the top of our priorities list. Therefore, we’re pleased and proud to announce the launch of AfroLingo’s ONLINE PORTAL, which aims to deliv...

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Game Localization is Your Pathway to Global Success ─ This is Why!

It’s difficult for anyone to forget what African game developers did two years ago!  In December 2018, they met in Cape Town to discuss how to make sure anyone can make games, no matter who they are!  They were right. Let’s take South...

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Why Should Your Business Avoid Interpretation Mistakes?

Incorrect interpretation can be very costly. Interpretation mistakes might cause extensive damage to businesses, organizations, and even to the relationship among countries. In the worst-case scenario, if you don’t avoid interpretation mistakes, thi...

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A Deep Dive Into Globalization, Internationalization, and Localization!

The global business world is no longer the same! The revolution of rapid technology development and digital transformation has rendered today’s world an interconnected sphere of abundant opportunities. It has never been easier for businesses to grow...

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