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Transcription Industry – What you need to know

Transcription Industry The world that we live in has become smaller than ever before because technology has enabled businesses and organisations to reach out to other businesses across the world. There is now a growing need to create a written recor...

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International Translation Day

Many of you might not know it but International Translation Day 2018 is now fast upon us. The day which is dedicated to the occupation of translators will strike once again on the 30th of September. It will celebrate the unique talents and the dedica...

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Women in South Africa

South Africa Women’s Day

Every year on the 9th of August, Women’s Day is celebrated in South Africa. You might think it’s a kind of a women honoring day like (Mother’s Day), but its way far from that.   Women’s Day commemorates Women’s March in 1956 on this day; ...

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AfroLingo is on The Move!

An Important Announcement: We are Expanding! The team here at AfroLingo are committed to delivering translation services of the highest possible quality. In addition, in order to continue doing so, there are some big plans afoot - exciting news that...

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AfroLingo ISO Certified Translation Company

AfroLingo is delighted to announce that they have gained the prestigious ISO 17100 Certification. A company that aims to become the finest translation and interpretation agency in South Africa, AfroLingo dedicates itself to achieving nothing less tha...

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Wild and Weird Habits of South Africans

You know how it is – all nationalities have their unique stereotypical traits. With Germans it’s all to do with hogging the sun loungers on holiday while the Brits just can’t get enough of queuing. The French are snobby about food and Italian men fan...

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