At AfroLingo, South Africa’s leading translation provider, we are able to provide a variety of translation services Pretoria that are professional, accurate and performed in a timely and efficient manner. No matter where you are located in Pretoria and the surrounding areas, we have you covered for your translation needs.

Translation is an industry that depends on the perfect conversion of one language to another – especially when it comes to important documents, business and travel needs. Just the smallest mistake in any translation can make the whole translation worthless and that is why we pride ourselves on being able to provide highly-accurate translations of all of the major languages found on the African continent.

Why You Should Avoid Translation Software

For simple translations online, translation software can be quite useful, but you should never rely on its quality or accuracy – especially when translating lesser-used languages such as the many across Africa.

Translation software whether written or verbal which can be found online will usually be okay at translating major languages such as English, French, German, Russian and other common dialects between each other but when it comes to translating them to lesser-known languages, you start to see the inaccuracies that this software can provide.

This is mainly because there are so many worldwide languages, around 6,500 of them in fact and each and every one of them will have their own nuances and subtleties that are not picked up on a word-by-word basis. This gives broken results and will be nowhere near good enough for you if you are looking for translation services Pretoria.

For the reasons above, for any important translations, you should be using the many experts that we have within our team at AfroLingo.

The Many Languages That We at AfroLingo Can Translate

At AfroLingo, we mainly specialize in the translation of, whether written or verbal, of the many African languages that you will find on the continent. This means that if you are looking for translation services in Pretoria and want to be able to translate between the likes of Afrikaans, Zulu, Somali, Swahili and Tsonga, we will have the native speakers and qualified translators ready to work with you.

Furthermore, we have also broadened our own horizons and can perform translations using English and some Middle Eastern languages such as Arabic and Hebrew as well. We are also more than happy to take requests for other languages as we can use our contacts and partners to come to an ideal solution for you.

Types of translation services Pretoria

  • Travel Translation

Travelling abroad will always bring up language barriers but when important documents are involved, sometimes we need to be extremely clear about what we are signing or reading. This is where our translation services can come into play.

  • Legal Translation

If you need legal help in a foreign country, the last thing you need to have to worry about is reading and trying to understand the many legal documents that are placed in front of you. A quick call to us and we can help you in a timely and efficient manner.

  • Medical Translation

Medical documents are another area that might need our translation expertise and should you ever find yourself in need of our help in a medical situation, we are always happy to help.

  • Online Translation

Translation for websites and software are some of our most common requests and this is easy to understand when a customer is trying to offer their products and services to a wider audience.

Let AfroLingo be the Answer to Your Translation Needs

We have been providing our expert translation services across Africa for more than a decade now and in that time we have worked with thousands of individuals, companies and corporations, providing them with the highest standard of translation services that you will find in South Africa.

As well as some leading brands such as Alcatel, Samsung and Microsoft, we have been involved with many national brands and have helped each of them to broaden their horizons by being able to provide the translations necessary to reach fellow Africans across the continent.

The AfroLingo Promise

When you come to us with your translation needs, we at AfroLingo can promise you a professional, friendly, dedicated and personable experience on top of the obvious quality that our services posses. We have built up a strong reputation over the years for the excellence that we provide and we always strive to ensure that reputations continues to grow along with our company.