We live in a world that is full of fantastic software, tools and technology in general but when it comes to translation, there is still nothing as accurate as translation performed by a person that has a strong understanding of both languages.

So, if you are somebody that is looking for translation services Cape Town that wants to be able to translate between Zulu and Afrikaans, to get a translation that is completely accurate, you are going to have to use an expert translator that can understand both languages perfectly and is able to translate between the two of them flawlessly.

Why Translation Software Doesn’t Cut It

In terms of written text, you will be able to find translation software that will perform at a decent level for most of the world’s major languages. However, there are more than 6,500 languages worldwide, so unless you are translating English to French or from German to Italian, you are not going to get perfect results.

Languages all have their small nuances and subtleties which software is unable at this moment in time to understand and pick up. If you have ever tried to use some of this software, you will notice how broken the translations can be.

Then we come to verbal translation software that while great in theory, is still a very new technology that is in the early stages of development that will take many years to even be at the level of written text translation software. Even if it does perform adequately for translating more commonly used languages on a global scale, it is not going to be of any use to somebody looking for translation services in Cape Town that wants to be able to translate between the many languages on the African continent.

Why You Might Need Translation Services

There are numerous reasons why you might need translation services Cape Town and below you will find just a small selection of these. We have provided our services to thousands of people and businesses in the past and are awaiting your call to help you with whatever translation needs that you require.

Type of Translation Services Cape Town

  • Travel Translation

When visiting foreign countries, it can be difficult understanding all of the travel, visa and immigration documents placed in front of you. This is where our translation services can help to make all of your travel arrangements so much easier.

  • Medical Translation

If you are in another African country away from your own and need medical help, the forms and documentation that you may need to read, understand and fill out can be difficult to understand if in a language that is not your own. With our services, this never needs to be a problem again.

  • Website Translation

If you want to widen the target audience of your website, you are going to need to make it available in as many languages as possible. With our services, we can ensure that your site is accessible and readable for as many African countries as possible.

  • Software Translation

If you need translation services in Cape Town for your software and want it to be available in numerous African languages, AfroLingo is here to help you to achieve that and make it usable by millions of other people.

What You Can Expect From AfroLingo

Our team consists of a large number of translators that allows us to be able to translate between any of the major languages on the African continent. This can be done whether written or verbal, whether live or pre-written/recorded and in a timely fashion so that any of your deadlines can be met efficiently.

AfroLingo – The Answer to Your Translation Needs

If you are in need of translation services in Cape Town and the surrounding areas, AfroLingo is on hand to provide you with the quality and accuracy that your industry demands. Among the industries, we specialize in includes the technology, medical, media, finance, legal, education and engineering industries and we can help with translations, transcriptions, website, software and mobile localization and desktop publishing.

Over the years we have worked with more than 100 companies worldwide providing them with our expert translation services on a sub-contractual basis. We can list global corporations such as Pfizer, Sony, Samsung, Yahoo, Dell and Microsoft as our previous/current clients with each of them being delighted with the translation services Cape Town that we have provided.