Transcription Services in Pretoria

If you are looking for highly accurate and reliable transcription services in Pretoria, you are in luck as we at AfroLingo are one of the leading transcription companies in South Africa. Whether you need general video and audio transcriptions or want them to be translated into a language of your choice, you can expect to be completed quickly, accurately and at a competitive price that you will struggle to better from anywhere else.

Over the years we have worked with a large number of companies based both in South Africa and in various countries around the world. We have transcribed everything from business meetings, court hearings, financial reports, conferences, legal disputes and online media such as Youtube.

Language is no Barrier

With more than a dozen languages being used throughout Africa, it goes without speaking that you are going to need a transcription company that has the ability to transcribe to and from all of them.

We have the native transcribers in Pretoria for each of those languages whether Afrikaans, Swahili, Amharic or any other dialect that can be found on the African continent. Furthermore, we can also transcribe audio or video in many other languages such as English, Arabic and Urdu.

We are also happy to help if you have a specific language not on our list that you need to be transcribed. Simply get in touch with us and we will do our best to find a transcriber that will be able to complete your request quickly and to a high standard in terms of accuracy. We have any partners and contacts all over the world and will no doubt be able to meet your requirements.

  • Transcriptions to and from more than 12 African languages
  • Completed quickly to meet your deadlines
  • Final transcription always perfectly accurate

What You Can Expect From AfroLingo

As well as a dedicated team of transcribers from a translation and transcription company that has a strong reputation across the globe, you can also expect the following:

  •         A team of highly qualified specialist transcribers.
  •         Top quality transcriptions performed quickly and accurately.
  •         The ability to translate your transcriptions into a language of your choosing.
  •         Competitive prices and friendly transcribers.
  •         Complete confidentiality regarding all recordings.

We treat each and every transcription equal, which means they will always be highly accurate, completed in a timely manner and delivered with a smile. We value all of our clients and can ensure that any confidential content is kept exactly that – confidential.

What We Can Transcribe for You

Ideal for businesses no matter the industry and for students and faculties, we are able to provide all kinds of transcriptions services in Johannesburg, or elsewhere in South Africa, whether they are general, business, legal, academic or financial.

Furthermore, we are capable of doing transcription from all types of audio or video no matter what the media format. Whether an audio file, video file or even conversations recorded on cassette or videotape, no matter the quality of sound, we will have a transcriber with the skills to get it written down accurately.

ü  General Transcriptions

ü  Medical Transcriptions

ü  Legal Transcriptions

ü  Business Transcriptions

ü  Media Transcriptions

Why Choose our Transcription Services in Pretoria

AfroLingo is your number one source when it comes to your translation and transcription needs. Having worked with thousands of companies around the world, you can be sure that we have the skills and drive to ensure that each of our services is performed to a high standard.

Over the years we have earned a good reputation for being one of the leading transcription services in South Africa and this is a reputation we want to keep. For that reason, we only hire transcribers of a very high quality and demand that they share our professionalism, dedication and attention to detail.

Where we differ from stand out from standard transaction companies in Pretoria and all across South Africa is through the many different languages we can transcribe or translate. These will usually provide standard English transcriptions. We know that many of you will want to have the ability to transcribe to and from a number of languages including the many that are used on the African continent.

Get in Touch Today!

No matter what your transcription needs, whether technical, general or for your business, we are ready and waiting to get started. Simply get in touch with us by phone, email or through this website and we will give you a competitive quote before finding the perfect transcriber for your needs.

If you seek perfection for your transcriptions, you will not find anything close to the quality of our transcription services in Pretoria.

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