The world of desktop publishing service ranges from a mother creating a flyer for her child’s bake sale to what we do full color, multi-page documents designed for offset printing/ online distribution.

For business purposes, desktop publishing is the source for all of the reports, brochures, and everything that a company uses, both internally and externally.

At AfroLingo, we provide more than simply desktop publishing, we also provide language translation services. This means that we can take any concept or previous design and make it look stunning in over a dozen languages.

The world of desktop publishing service

Best Desktop DTP Publishing Service

Brochures  Language like Arabic and Hebrew, which are read right to left, require a different design perspective. Since the reader’s eye are moving a different direction than, say, French or English, the design needs to adapt. Our design team understands this and creates great work with this in mind.

Reports Important reports, like annual reports or CEO reports, need to be available to stockholders and stakeholders in languages that are most comfortable for them in order for a company to make complete market penetration. We can ensure that every document is not only the perfect design, but written perfectly in every language.

Adobe InDesign InDesign is the state-of-the-art in design software. Every element of nearly any advertisement has been created in InDesign at some point.

Our team uses InDesign to create eye-catching graphics and stunning styles that make every document stand out from the page.

Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint

The Microsoft Office Suite, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, allows users to have documents that they can easily update themselves, if needed. It also allows clients to see and read nearly any document anywhere on the planet.

One of the biggest advantages to the Suite is that is can all be integrated easily. A Word document and an Excel spreadsheet can be incorporated into a PowerPoint presentation. All the while, AfroLingo’s translation team is here making the words perfect.

DTP desktop publishing

Microsoft Publisher

One of the unsung here of the desktop publishing service world, Microsoft Publisher provides similar advantages to the Microsoft Office Suite. Elements from Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and nearly any other program, including InDesign, can be incorporated into a Publisher document to create an item that’s ready for printing and publication.

Our Top Ranked Team

The AfroLingo desktop design team is among the world’s most experienced and talented groups. Drawn from all over the world, with a focus, of course, on Africa, we are able to use the skills and talents of an entire planet to create the ideal documents for our clients.

Every DTP desktop publishing project from AfroLingo comes with a simple guarantee: You will be thrilled or we won’t stop working until you are.