Transcription Services in Cape Town

Transcription services Cape Town are not difficult to find but when it comes to top-quality, accuracy and reliability in terms of turnaround times, AfroLingo should be your number one choice.

Known to the leading transcription companies in South Africa, we have the services that will allow you to transcribe video and audio into the majority of languages that are found on the African continent.

Through our desire to provide perfection to our long list of clients, we have created a number of transcribing and translation services Johannesburg, Cape Town and other prominent locations that will mean you never need to deal with another company again.

Multi-Lingual Transcriptions

Our team consists of speakers, translators and transcribers that are native in their own languages from all other the continent of Africa. This means that no matter which African dialect you need to be transcribed, we will have the transcriber that is able to do it to the highest of standards.

Among the languages we can transcribe for you include:

  •         Afrikaans
  •         Zulu
  •         Setswana
  •         Twi
  •         Somali
  •         Swahili
  •         And many more

Furthermore, we have specialist transcribers in South Africa that can work with English, Arabic and a various selection of other languages too. If there is a language we have listed that you need to be translated or transcribed, you can always contact us too as we will strive to find somebody in our team that may be able to help you.

What You Can Expect From AfroLingo

We pride ourselves on our professionalism as much as we do on the large qualified team of transcribers that we have at our disposal. We have worked with many major international companies as well as those closer to home and through the experiences gained, we have learned that creating the best client to customer relationships is key to continued partnerships down the line.

Our reputation is also second to none with many of our previous clients being more than happy to leave us glowing testimonials on the services that we have provided for them in the past.

When you come to us for your transcription services Cape Town, you can rest assured that the experience you have is a positive one and the transcription you receive is of the highest standard. We handpick only the very best transcribers to work for us and expect only the best quality of work from all of them.

The Transcriptions we can Provide

No matter whether you are in the finance, education, medical, legal or any other industry, we will be able to provide you with the top quality transcriptions that you need.

Whether it’s a recording from a meeting, conference, study group, legal hearing or anything else that you need to be transcribed, our skilled and dedicated team of South African transcribers will be able to help you. They have all had the necessary training and have performed more than 10,000 transcriptions combined for many of our current and previous clients over the years.

We accept all types of media too, whether that be audio or video files or even straight from streamed content online at sites such as YouTube.

Why Use Our Transcription Services in Cape Town?

Having been in the translation and transcription industry for many years, we at AfroLingo have built up an impressive reputation thanks to the quality of services that we provide. This reputation is one of professionalism, integrity and dedication to the cause of superior quality transcriptions.

Each of our transcribers is a native speaker of their own language and will also be able to translate any transcriptions into that of another language that they are highly trained in. They will be able to accurately convey what was said on the audio or video media before either transcribing or translating it into another language.

If you have used a standard transcription service before, you will know that the quality is not always up to scratch. The transcriptions could be inaccurate or incomplete – which is quite worthless considering the content is something you value enough to have it transcribed. This is why we always ensure to tailor pick the transcriber for each and every project knowing that they were the best person for the job.

Lets Talk!

If you like what you have heard so far and are interested in learning more about our transcription services, get in touch with us today and we will be happy to assist you. You could also opt to get a quote and place your order directly through our website.

Just remember that no matter the type of transaction you need, our transcription services in Pretoria, Cape Town and the rest of our glorious country will always be performed to the highest of standards in terms of accuracy.

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