The Need for Translation and Localization in Supply Chain Industry

supply chain translation

The supply chain industry has become increasingly complex as modern businesses seek to expand their reach beyond local borders. Naturally, obstacles can arise in communication between business partners when they come from different nations, speak different languages and operate in foreign currencies, among other factors.

As the complexity of business supply chains increases, translation and localization services — especially language services — becomes more critical. You may already have a firm grasp on why translation is so crucial, but have you considered how localization can improve supply chain models and effectiveness?

Trends in Localization Supply Chain Management

Let’s take a look at some of the most noticeable trends in localization supply chain management.

  • More Resource Transparency

In the past, translators were often hired based on their location or language skills without having access to any information about their performance or quality. With new technologies and platforms, it is possible to get a complete picture of each translator’s skills and experience. This allows you to choose your resources based on strengths and weaknesses rather than just because they are located in the same city as your client.

  • Increased Demand for New Types of Resources

As the world becomes more interconnected and international trade expands, there is an increasing demand for new types of resources – those who have expertise in multiple languages and can work across industries. This means that organizations need flexibility when sourcing translation talent who may not necessarily be native speakers but have solid linguistic skills in both source and target languages. 

  • Requirement For Fast, On-Demand Resourcing

The demand for faster turnaround times has also increased significantly over recent years due to technological advances such as real-time translation tools and cloud computing platforms. As such, organizations need a fast-track solution for finding qualified translators for their website content.

  • The Need for Translators to Adapt to Machine Translation

As you may already know, machine translation is a technology that allows computers to translate text from one language into another. It has been available for decades, but only became popular in the last few years because of its ability to translate documents fast and accurately. This has changed the way we work: now, instead of waiting for days or weeks for translations to be done by people, we can get them in hours or minutes using automated tools.

  • A ‘Direct to Translator’ Approach

With this new approach, companies no longer need an intermediary between them and their translators – they can contact them directly and send their files through FTP or other secure channels. This means there is less time wasted on emails and phone calls so that projects can be completed faster.

What are the Benefits of Adopting Translation and Localization?

Translation and localization have become vital parts of the supply chain industry. The benefits of translation and localization in the supply chain industry are:

  • It helps to build business opportunities, as it increases the exposure of your brand to new customers.
  • It improves the efficiency in various departments like production, sales, marketing etc., as it can help them communicate with each other effectively using a common language.
  • It helps in expanding the market share by providing better customer service to your customers with a proper understanding of their needs and preferences.
  • It is cost-effective as it reduces the costs of hiring translators and localization experts.

To Sum Up 

Our experienced translators and localization experts at Afrolingo provide translation and localization services to individuals and businesses. We translate and localize documents like legal materials, marketing brochures, leaflets, product manuals, website content, software applications etc., from English to over 100 other languages. 

We help businesses build their brand image by providing language editing services for their promotional literature so that their message reaches out to the target audience in their desired region or country with an impact and creates a special place in the hearts of their customers.

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