How Has Zoom Interpretation Transformed Videoconferencing?

Zoom interpretation services

Let’s admit it. Almost overnight, Zoom has become the world’s most well-known videoconferencing application. From Alaska, the westernmost point on land, to Caroline Island, the easternmost point on land, and from Antarctica, the southernmost point on Earth to the northernmost point on land, Kaffeklubben Island, it seems that almost everybody now knows about Zoom!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Zoom has become the talk of the town, the city, and the world! Fathers, mothers, kids, princes, co-workers, neighbors, friends and foes ─ almost everyone has become a customer of Zoom, the videoconferencing software company, that was established just 8 years ago, and whose current mission is to “make video communications frictionless and secure”.

Not only helping people to communicate with friends and families, but Zoom also empowers companies all over the world to do business. Yet, we still need to look into the story of why almost all businesses ─ pinheads and sharks alike ─ are flocking to the eighth wonder of the business world?!

The Advantages of Zoom:

It’s no coincidence that Zoom is loved by people and companies alike. Perhaps due to its accessibility? Probably. Zoom can be used on almost all devices ─ from iPhone to laptop, iPad, PC, and all Android devices. It is the go-to app for almost anyone, anywhere! Or because, unlike most videoconferencing tools, it’s so easy to use? Maybe. You’ll launch your meeting with just a click on a Zoom link. Also, you can use it for free!

And don’t’ forget that Zoom also provides a simultaneous interpretation feature!

Zoom and Interpretation:

Frankly, interpretation on Zoom is a logical step. Let’ refer to some stats that show us how things have come to what they are now?

Let’s have a look at Zoom’s annual meeting minutes since the company was established in December 2013. The app had 200 million annual meeting minutes in 2013 versus more than 303 trillion annual meeting minutes today!

More stats? Zoom now has 467,100 business customers while Zoom’s mobile app was downloaded 485 million times last year. Good?

So, as we said, it was quite logical for Zoom to create an interpretation feature. According to a Gartner survey conducted on March 17, 2020, after the attack of COVID-19, Eighty-eight percent of businesses urged workforces to work remotely while 97 percent canceled all work-related travel. Companies have since then been largely relying on video conferencing for their meetings.

And it won’t hurt if we raise another important question. Did the Zoom interpretation feature do well?

Well, according to a poll conducted among a Turkish audience and published by LinkedIn, Zoom topped the list of favorite interpreting platforms ─ way ahead of competitors!

And, we still need to raise two questions. What on earth is the Zoom Interpretation feature and how to use this app for interpretation?

The answer, however, is so simple. To use Zoom Interpretation, you’ll need a special Zoom account (a business, education, or enterprise one) and an automatically generated meeting ID. Most importantly, you should have the most recent compatible Zoom desktop or app versions ─ a custom feature that must be set up by Zoom Support.

Interpreting Services @ AfroLingo:

AfroLingo is an expert language services company that keeps pace with all developments, updates, and trends in the translation, localization, and interpretation industry.

Rest assured that we’ve got the technical expertise to help you manage your business’s multilingual meetings by ensuring that everything is running smoothly with Zoom Interpretation. But this is not all! The key question is this: Why do businesses, small and large, always choose AfroLingo?

Our certified interpreters are highly qualified, well trained, and have full mastery of both the source and target languages. Also, each interpreter must have full command over the subject matter of the virtual meeting that he or she is involved in.

We are proud of the trust of our business clients in a broad spectrum of industries and niches ─ including Finance & Banking, Travel & Tourism, Healthcare & Medical, Training, Humanitarian & Non-Government Organizations, Legal, Entertainment, Software Development, Manufacturing, Event Organization and many more.

Also, we always tailor our interpreting service to fit each business’s unique needs. For example, for seminars, webinars, negotiations, court proceedings, business meetings, training, and tours, we deliver Consecutive Interpretation. Here, the linguist interprets what the speaker says after they have finished speaking.

As for big conferences, large-scale business meetings, and similar events, we provide Simultaneous Interpretation. Here, the interpreters sit in a booth, listen to the speaker via a headset, and then speak into a microphone. The voice is then transmitted wirelessly to the meeting participants via the headsets they’re wearing.

Lastly, when there’s a need for immediate communication between persons who might be in one or different locations, AfroLingo delivers Over-the-Phone Interpretation (OPI). With this type, interpretation is carried out by an interpreter over the phone.

Now, how can AfroLingo help you? If you’re looking for reliable interpreting services, contact us today for a free quote.