How Afrolingo Is Bridging the Language Gap for African Businesses


Because of globalization, the world has shrunk into a global village where people from different linguistic and cultural backgrounds are able to communicate easily through the internet. Still, many barriers may hinder effective communication such as language barriers. This is where the importance of translation and localization services comes in.

What is the Importance of Translation in Africa?

In fact, translation helps to bridge the linguistic and cultural gaps making communication smoother among people from different countries. In Africa, the linguistic diversity is greater than in all the other continents since Africa is home to one-third of the world’s languages with almost 2000 languages spoken by its population. Hence, translation services have become imperative for any business planning to expand into the African markets.

However, building successful bridges of communication requires partnering with a language service provider that specializes in African languages and employs a team of in-country and experienced translators.

Why Choose Afrolingo?

  • Afrolingo prides itself on providing top-notch translation and localization services in almost all African languages by having a team of translators who are native speakers of more than 100 African languages such as Afrikaans, Swahili, Somali, Amharic, Arabic, English, Farsi, Hausa…etc.
  • At Afrolingo, we can help businesses penetrate new African markets by providing best-in-class translation services such as translating marketing materials, project documentation, user manuals, and business contracts.
  • We Provide translation and localization services in almost all industries such as software development, marketing and advertising, e-commerce, legal, and medical.
  • We can help you establish effective communication with your global customers and achieve customer satisfaction. Our translators are not only experienced in the language, but they have strong cultural backgrounds that enable them to convert your materials into the target language to be culturally appropriate and understandable for the intended customers.
  • By partnering with a trustworthy translation agency like Afrolingo, you can build a strong brand visibility. Our in-country team of experts can cross all the cultural barriers to make your message sound natural and authentic for African customers. Customers need to feel welcome and respected. Therefore, by addressing not only their languages, but also their cultures, traditions, and preferences, we can help you gain their loyalty.

We Apply a Strict Translation Management System

At Afrolingo, we have an effective translation management system that ensures the accuracy and precision of any translation project we deliver. We follow these steps:

  • Project Evaluation

We start by evaluating the project including the target and source languages, budget, turnaround time, and client’s requirements.

  • Preparing a Glossary

The translation team prepares a glossary to ensure consistency in the usage of the project’s terminology.

  • Assigning a Translator

The next step is assigning an experienced translator. The translator should be a native speaker of the target language with strong subject-matter expertise in the field.

  • Review Process

The translated text is then reviewed by a senior linguist or proofreader to make sure that the final output is error-free.

  • Client’s Approval

The draft is sent to the client to check if any additional comments should be implemented.

  • Desktop Publishing

After applying the client’s comments, we send the document to the desktop publishing team to adjust it according to the format of the original text.

  • Project Delivery

The project is finally delivered to the client.

Summing Up

At Afrolingo, our mission is to help your message travel to African countries by providing rigorous and accurate translation and localization services in 100 African languages and counting. We offer the most affordable prices and the best turnarounds. Do not hesitate and contact us today!