AfroLingo Introduces an Online Portal with 10% Discount for New Clients


Since day one, providing our customers with an optimal experience has always been our primary objective and at the top of our priorities list. Therefore, we’re pleased and proud to announce the launch of AfroLingo’s ONLINE PORTAL, which aims to deliver a better digital ordering experience for our clients in South Africa and all over the world.

Why Have We built an Online Portal?

The simple reason is our acknowledgment of, and coping with, the fact that we’re all living in the digital age − where everything from shopping to learning is being conducted on the internet. Over the years, AfroLingo has succeeded in smartly transforming our company into one of the top ONLINE providers of translation and proofreading services in South Africa and all over the African Continent.

In this context, we are proud of making it possible for all customers to effortlessly order our first-class translation and proofreading solutions ONLINE via our online portal or via our app.

Despite launching the most state-of-the-art ONLINE PORTAL across Africa, this doesn’t mean we provide an automated translation. Rather, at AfroLingo, we take pride in our expert translation and localization team that comprises professional native translators, IT engineers, and dedicated project managers − who are fully committed to ensuring that your translated content is of the highest quality.

Significantly, the reasons for AfroLingo’s decision to create an online portal comes down to our desire to cater to our customers’ needs and to provide you with a unique customer experience. Further, we want to improve our customer’s control and make their ordering journey much easier.

What Are the Advantages of Online Ordering?

Let’s admit it. Everyone in 2021 is living a fully digital life. We’re nowadays used to getting what we want at the touch of a button! Further, the 21st century is an era that has drastically changed traditional shopping into what we now call online shopping or e-commerce. We’ve got to cope!

At AfroLingo, we’re definitely coping! We are keen on staying abreast of our customers’ changing needs and buying patterns. Hence, we understand that our customers’ interest is speedily shifting from traditional in-store buying and email orders to the new trends of ordering on their phones, at their computers, or on their tablets.

Still, we need to ask: What are the benefits of using AfroLingo’s online portal and our online ordering option? The answer is easy. Let’s dive deeper to list some of them one by one.

First – Easier Ordering Process

Instead of the traditional method of ordering translation by email, the superior solution is to use our online ordering option, which comprises fewer and simpler steps. This results in making the ordering process easier for customers and, at the same time, helps to streamline the entire translation or localization project from order placement to the final delivery.

Second – Stronger Customer Relations

Shifting from the traditional ordering scheme to our new online ordering option helps us enhance our relationship with the customer as it helps to give AfroLingo complete information about the translation project.

Third – Higher Efficiency

When you switch to online ordering, this helps AfroLingo to improve operational efficiency as a result of minimizing order errors. Further, the online ordering option makes it possible for our customers to place their translation, localization, and proofreading orders on their time.

Fourth – Higher Customer Satisfaction

In the current customer-oriented landscape, we, at AfroLingo, are constantly endeavoring to improve customer satisfaction. Our new online ordering option makes it possible for us to collect customer comments and then turn this feedback into action. With this, it’s easier for us to cater to the needs of our customers – which is the central part of customer satisfaction.

Special Privileges for Users of Our Online Ordering Option
It’s our pleasure to offer a 10% discount on translation and localization services, and proofreading orders that will be placed via our new online portal.

Order your translation via our ONLINE PORTAL, or contact us now for more information.