4 Reasons Why Translation is Vital for B2B Marketing

4 Reasons Why Translation is Vital for B2B Marketing

B2B Marketing is not only trending, but it’s also becoming a vital strategy for the success of millions of businesses all over the world.  It has evolved, particularly over the past 20 years, into a unique discipline ─ with distinctive practices, strategies and metrics of success.

Millions of companies in almost all industries all over the world are presently riding the business-to-business marketing wave, which makes it possible for them to sell their products and services to other companies that would resell them, use them in their products or services or use them to support their works. It’s a golden opportunity for millions of companies to promote business and increase profits. Let’s take just one example in the eCommerce sphere. The global B2B eCommerce market valuing USD 12.2 trillion in 2019 is over 6 times that of the B2C market [https://www.statista.com/study/44442/statista-report-b2b-e-commerce/]

Is Translation Vital for B2B Marketing?

Of course! Thinking global, smart companies are striving to expand into international markets. To achieve success on a global basis, professional B2B marketers in these companies are keen to adapt their strategies to markets outside their borders.

Therefore, they consistently take into account how different cultures will receive their marketing messages. They know quite well that they have to deliver high-quality online content that their foreign corporate clients will engage with ─ or else all their B2B marketing efforts, their promotions and their advertisements will fall on deaf ears. They’re also aware that communicating with prospective overseas businesses in their own languages is the most resonant and appropriate way to build relationships and provide value to these companies.

Therefore, marketers know for sure that translation is the open sesame to enter and thrive in overseas business-to-business markets.

4 Reasons Why Translation is Central to B2B Marketing

Given that translation is so vital to B2B marketing that without it, marketing to prospective corporate clients and communicating with existing ones would be almost impossible, let’s dive deeper to look at some of the benefits of translation and localization services to global B2B marketing.

1) Beat Your Competition

It might seem that skipping translation and localization costs in your B2B marketing budget is cost-effective. Yes, it could be, but only in the short term. However, you’ll definitely lose markets in the long run.

Since the business-to-business market is characterized by cut-throat competition in almost all industries, translating and localizing your online content plays an essential role in staying ahead of your competition. Just imagine that your competitors are keen to translate their B2B marketing campaigns, and you’re still undecided! Believe me, your business, in this case, is certainly lagging behind!

2) Meeting Cultural Demands

When it comes to achieving success at the level of global B2B marketing, businesses should make their products and services relatable to their corporate clients without losing the spirit of their brand voice. This is achieved through transcreation, not just translation. 

With transcreation, the experts at your language services partner will first understand the values, behaviors and nuances of the particular culture of your corporate client before they reflect these aspects in the marketing messaging that they communicate to your customers. Transcreation specialists know quite well how payment options, color selections, images and many other cultural aspects are making a remarkable difference to how your global corporate clients perceive your products and services.

3) Influencing Decision Makers

Let’s put it outright. Decision-makers at any company you’re dealing with are still people, albeit the most important ones! Therefore, if these people who have the purchasing power feel comfortable because you communicate with them in their mother tongue, then they’ll be more likely to do business with you.

4) Maximizing Customer Support

It happens that your corporate client may be ready to buy from your English-only website. However, the majority of businesses prefer that the customer service and after-sales support be provided to them in their mother language. This also applies to your online chat and your FAQ page.

Why Should You Choose a Professional Translation Services Partner?

After all is said and done, you have to ensure that your global B2B marketing isn’t lost in translation. You can’t afford to have your corporate clients read or watch poor translation of your marketing copy. This will wreak havoc with your brand!  

Unlike general translation, you need to partner with a professional vendor that has a team of expert marketing translators who are versed in writing appealing and persuasive content that has an impact on your global corporate clients.

The challenging responsibility of translating and localizing your B2B marketing copy should be taken by specialists who have a deep understanding of how to convey your brand voice in another language and culture in a way that is perceived by your target corporate clients. On the other hand, word-for-word translation of your marketing materials will certainly destroy your brand.

Why AfroLingo?

When it comes to the ultra-important sphere of marketing translation, particularly B2B marketing translation services, AfroLingo has established an impressive reputation for high quality and fast turnaround time. Since 2008, we’ve been delivering world-class marketing translation and localization solutions that empower global businesses to extend their footprint across Africa and worldwide.

We pride ourselves on a highly competent team comprising the most experienced native-speaking translators on the African continent, who are dedicated to providing you with reliable and consistent B2B marketing translation and localization solutions from and into almost every major language all across Africa.

These native-speaking translators not only understand the cultural context of each target market, but they also have the creative mindset for translating marketing materials and conveying the right marketing message in the translation. With our top-quality transcreation, your clients will be fully related to your brand, and you’ll gain an impressive edge over your competition.  

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