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Afrolingo prides itself on over 10 years of experience in translating over 70 African and MENA languages.

Our Services

Experienced, subject matter experts at every major language,
24 hour support – Thousands of Local satisfied businesses.


Afrolingo translates any media files and documents to your preferred language.


We double-check write-ups to correct grammar, punctuation, and context. We also detect plagiarism.

Website Localization

We make your website appealing and convenient to your local clients.

App localization

We increase the popularity of your app by making it appear homemade making it more useable locally.

Transcription Service

Afrolingo transcribes audio and video files professionally. We are keen to avoid redundancy and capture all important information.

Desktop publishing

We help you get your desktop publishing message across by adopting the style and language of your target audience.


We simplify hard-to-read copies to help you understand any information and data.


We create informational and convincing marketing content that will grow your sales, including product descriptions, product reviews, and user guides and manuals.

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Why AfroLingo?

From our South African natural beauty, to the beautiful cocoa farms of Ghana, technological hubs of Nigeria, amazing game parks of Kenya, the warm beaches of North Africa, and the plains of the Middle East, Afrolingo provides experts rich in any major language subject matter. We have over 90 global translation offices.
We also pride in:

24/7 customer support

Feel free to contact us any time of the day.

Experienced experts in every major African and MENA language

Our translators and programmers boast of over 10 years of experience in all the services we provide.

Thousands of Local and Global satisfied customers

We receive thousands of feedback from satisfied customers that always come back for more services.

Multiple language support

We translate in Zulu, Xhosa, Swahili, Urdu, English, Spanish, French, Arabic, and Farsi, among other dominant languages. All you should expect is word-class quality outcomes.









The Industries We Serve

Yes, we have the latest technology, coupled with 13 years of solid experience. Therefore, we provide our transcription services
to a wide array of industries, including:

Legal Services Providers.

Medical and Healthcare Industry.

Financial Services.

Education and training.

Manufacturing Industry.


Entertainment and Gaming Industry.

Travel Industry and Tourism.

Scientific Research.

Marketing and advertising.

Software development

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online Translation Services company
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For superior translation, interpretation, and localization, Afrolingo is your one-stop shop. Call us today.

Given that you operate in the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Group of States, and the European Union (EU), we believe that we can add value to your operations by offering our services to your clientele at 10% discount.

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Ground Floor, Liesbeek House, River Park, River Lane, Mowbray 7700 Cape Town, South Africa

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