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Mobile Localization

An App at Home – Why Mobile Localization is Imperative

In the world today, everything crosses borders, from news to websites. Apps, mobile phone applications, get shared worldwide in minutes. But there’s a problem: Your app can’t talk to the people you want to use it. The Limited App The fastest way to...

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Desktop Publishing

Desktop Publishing – Making Your Ideas Shine

You see it every day, but you probably don’t think about it. There are literally millions of items in the world that have been created with desktop publishing (DTP). Flyers, brochures, business cards, advertisements, you name it, it’s created with de...

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Make Me Comfortable – Making Your Software Localized

The world runs on software. Everything from our telephones to our homes run on software. If your software is to be used by individuals or companies, you need to have it made local so that everyone who uses it feels right at home. What is localizat...

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Transcription Services

Why a Transcription Service is Vital to Your Business

Put the Words on the Page - Why a Transcription Service is Vital to Your Business According the Abrahamic faiths, there was a time when all humans spoke the same language. When everyone got together to build a tower that could reach Heaven, God go...

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Hiring Technical Translator

Technical Translator-The Right Words in the Right Hands

Hiring a Technical Translator - The Right Words in the Right Hands In many cases, people think of translators as someone who can simply translate any words, from one language to another. In some cases, this is true. When translating a short story or...

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Handle Business Language Problem

The Right Firm To Handle Your Business Language Problems

There are thousands of translation firms in the world. Many of them are excellent; we won’t lie to you about that. In fact, we work for many of them as subcontractors when they need something translated into or out of an African language. AfroLingo ...

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Localization Website

Website Localization – The Doorway To The Rest of The World

  Anyone with a website and a webmaster account, such as the ones provided by Google, can see that people login form everywhere on the planet. How do you handle this influx to make sure that your business and your website are well repr...

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Human Translation vs Machine Translation

The Human Touch – Human Translation Vs. Machine Translation

It’s amazing, isn’t it? Google Translate can be installed onto your browser and with the push of a button, any website, document, anything can be translated. But not very well… The truth is that human language, even written language, is filled wit...

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