Transcription Industry – What you need to know

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Transcription Industry

The world that we live in has become smaller than ever before because technology has enabled businesses and organisations to reach out to other businesses across the world. There is now a growing need to create a written record of audio files and that is where a transcription service is required.

Using online transcription services South Africa is popular across a wide range of fields including medicine, law and business as well as many others. It is an industry that is growing each year, due to the way in which transcription services are required more and more. If a business or an individual requires a written record of a webinar, a conference, an interview or even a court hearing then they will require the use of a transcription service.

Cape Town and Pretoria are one of the main business cities in South Africa, so when the requirements for Transcription Services in Cape Town or Transcription Services in Pretoria are really high and the competition between translation companies is on fire.

Facts about the industry now

1. The transcription industry is an intriguing and highly-skilled industry.

A professional transcriber can transcribe around 100 words per minute although transcribing around one hour of audio can take anything from 4 to 6 hours. Along with this, the way in which transcribers work has changed. Just twenty years ago, typing 40 words per minute was considered fast but now transcribers are now expected to reach 120 words per minute in some instances.

2. An increased level of accessibility

It becomes easy and accessible now to use transcription companies in South Africa because the whole process can be handled online. This makes the service efficient and effective.

3- Cost reduction

The industry also provides businesses with a way of reducing their overhead expenditures because transcription services make it possible for companies to reduce their expenses as they will not have to pay someone benefits, salaries or provide them with equipment.

4- Focus in details

A transcriber will be highly skilled in paying attention to the finer details of audio recordings. They will also be required to research any jargon that is associated with the industry for which they are working in.

Challenges of Transcription Services

There are always challenges to face in this industry as a transcription service will have to continue to keep up with the demands of a competitive industry. As more and more businesses or organisations require transcription services, they will need to deliver efficiently and efficiently.

However, one other challenge is the keeping costs competitive yet lucrative. Transcription services are increasing and that means that there is more competition but they also have to compete with computer transcription. This is something that won’t be a problem at the moment but there is no doubt that human transcription services are far better than anything that has been transcribed by a computer. Computers do not have the ability to understand any of the subtleties that a human transcriptionist can offer.

Future of Transcription Services

Every industry in the world changes as technology advances and the transcription industry is no different. However, what makes this industry so unique is that it really does need that enhanced level of human interaction in order for transcription jobs to be completed correctly. Despite this, it is likely that transcription services are going to be using voice recognition software to carry out transcription work, however, this still seems like it is far away from taking over.

It is also likely that transcriptionists are going to be needed even more which is great news for the industry. As the popularity of videos increases, the demand for qualified transcriptionists will also increase.


  • Martelle Steyn

    Excellent overview of the subject – transcription. I also believe it will become more in demand, especially with the vast improved technology available to us.

    • 12:51 pm - December 28, 2018

  • Martelle Steyn

    Excellent overview of the subject – transcription. I also believe it will become more in demand, especially with the vast improvement of technology available to us.

    • 1:00 pm - December 28, 2018