AfroLingo team is made up of five layers:

Translators – Our team of translators are both full-time and long-term contract employees who have, collectively, centuries of translating experience. They are drawn from academia, business, government, and military personnel giving our team broad contexts from with they bring the language translation services.

Designers – To guarantee that our desktop publishing and other services are impeccable, we have a design team that uses their experience and training to make everything perfect. Using the latest design software, as well as a human touch, our designers create the works that you can see all over Africa and the world.

Tech Team – When we are ready for software and website localization, we call on our tech team to make sure that everything, from the home page to the 404 error page, is translated and ready for your customers viewing. As an ultra-modern language translation service, we’re able to provide state-of-the-art technology services with a complete understanding of your needs.

Project managers – Each project, from a single page translation to a massive e-commerce website, is assigned a project manager. They see the project through from beginning to end. No translation services are done without the hands of a project manager experienced in that medium and that language being the first and last place that each piece of work is placed.

Management Team – The management team sees one role for them in the language translation business: Making sure that everyone the team has what they need. As managers, they pay attention to every detail, but stay hands-off unless called upon. When new resources are needed, they provide them quickly so that the entire team can provide seamless and flawless service.

AfroLingo language translation service is build around one simple concept that leads to one massive mission: total customer satisfaction. In an industry where there are lots of ‘fly by night’ operations and single players without resources, AfroLingo brings world-class professionalism to the language translation industry.

Speed – We get every project done on-time, every time.
Skill – We bring the skills and training of the world’s best people to every project.
Confidence – Every project is treated as a top secret project, no matter what it is.
Up-to-date – Our technology and design teams are constantly using continuing education to stay on top of trends and software.
Attention to detail – Every item we translate or create is passed through several hands, each with complete authority to force a “re-do” at any time.

In short, AfroLingo is committed to being the finest African language translation service in the world. It’s our team that makes us great and it’s our team of whom we most proud.